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Inspired by the wabi-sabi philosophy of Japan, the Perfect Imperfect collection is an homage to the beauty of the incomplete and the unconventional, the faulty and the flawed. The series subscribes to the belief that things achieve true perfection only in transience and simplicity.

One of its featured materials is porcelain. Sometimes referred to as "white gold" porcelain creates a fascinating tension between the fragile with the quotidian and weds the mundane with the remarkable like no other. Any blemishes or rough patches that appear during the manufacturing process are not eliminated but preserved in the design of the collection.

Another material that figures prominently in the series is hand-woven canvas from bags once used for protecting, carrying, and storing goods. As all things in the wabi-sabi philosophy, the material reveals its true beauty through wear: the rough canvas has become soft and supple after many years of use. Hand-stitched holes and rips serve as embellishment.

Uniting the pieces stylistically is a porous and peeled onion motif. The application of ornament is fragmentary and concealed, underlining the simple elegance of the products.

Download Lookbook 2011 (PDF, 3 MB)

The tableware meets or exceeds ISO, DIN, ASTM (USA/FDA), and California Proposition 65 standards.